'His workmanship is of a very high order. All those I tried had excellent balance and projection, with a characteristic quality of tone.' John Mills.

'Such a pleasure to play. Altogether a delight to the eye and the ear.'
Peter Nuttall.
'With regard to Shaun...believe me the man is a true craftsman, I was VERY impressed.' Gordon Giltrap
'This guitar....has an outstanding upper treble response with very good sustain. The notes join beautifully. It has a bright overall sound and is exceptionally live.' Justin Shepherd.

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'I have owned a Romanillos, Rubio, Fischer and Kohno so I am ranking this one with some of the best guitars available.' David Cottam

'Shaun Newman's guitars had everything necessary: good balance, clarity and a comfortable playing action.' Ray Burley

As you will see from the pages behind this one, I primarily make concert classical guitars, but also build other stringed instruments in accordance with customer requirements.

For every part of every instrument I use only the finest available woods. For instrument backs and sides I use rosewood, cypress, maple, Zebrano and increasingly less endangered species such as padouk, cherry, mahogany and grenadillo. Most instrument fronts are master grade spruce but also finest quality cedar.

The site offers you a view of some of my instruments and the opportunity to hear some of my guitars. It also tells you how to contact me should you wish to consider a commission or to buy from stock. My workshop is based in Mid Devon, England.
Please see the 'Contact/Prices' page of this site for full details.